Internal Recruitment

Direction of Travel

The senior leadership team will be recruiting the new assistant directors, reviewing our current management capability and capacity across the whole organisation and developing new structures, roles and responsibilities. We will develop our new structure (as well as our culture and systems), to provide the leadership impact and management, which will create a strong sense of common and shared purpose. This will enable all colleagues to focus upon our councillors’ ambitions, secure greater collective and individual impact and make best use of our resources. Our staff are our greatest asset and a key resource. Their performance depends on constructive leadership and highly effective management. The council is changing and the experience, skills and expertise needed for the future must continue to be developed.

The new assistant director posts are central to creating the leadership needed to translate political direction, strategy and policy into operational delivery in a networked and agile way. These are new posts and will be filled through a recruitment process. To provide an opportunity for talented individuals within the council to seek promotion and develop, we will first be opening these posts to internal candidates only in line with the principles set out in Direction of Travel Phase 1.

The management structures across the council will be developed by the new senior leadership team and the three recently appointed directors who will be joining us, will being invited to input into that work. The aim will be to create a management ‘establishment’ and ‘establishment budget’ that makes best use of resources available and is highly effective.

Direction​ ​of​ ​Travel​ ​-​ ​a​ ​quick​ ​recap

Our Direction of Travel focuses on the three key strategic challenges we face:

  • The need to engage with and support our communities and residents differently
  • The need to proactively shape economic and population growth that is good for the borough
  • The need to be a highly effective council within a fundamentally different funding context.

In reinventing ourselves as an organisation, we will look, feel and be very different. The aim is to fundamentally change the approach to achieving outcomes by becoming an ‘enabling council’, which enables our communities to grow and thrive and an ‘enabled council’ which is collaborative, effective and impactful.

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