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Our Ambition

Kingston is a successful place because throughout its history it has adapted and changed. It has built on its past by embracing the future. The Council wants to continue that journey and has identified the outcomes it wants to strive for with its communities:

  • People achieve wellbeing independence and health lives
  • People prosper and reach their full potential
  • A safe and resilient community where everyone is welcome and which supports the most vulnerable
  • A network of engaged communities where everyone has a voice and does their bit
  • A borough that embraces growth and attracts investment for a stronger and more diverse economy
  • A borough of choice and opportunity that has broken the mould to increase housing and jobs
  • A sustainable borough with a diverse transport network and quality environment for all to enjoy
  • A borough with an identity rich in history, heritage and creativity which drives its future

These outcomes are our focus and drive everything that we do. To succeed, the Council knows it needs to change and our ambition is to become an 'enabling council'. 

We want to be a more human council, that works with its citizens to build on the assets that already exist in its communities and to help people to live even healthier, happier and prosperous lives.

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