Executive Recruitment

Your Contribution

Our new assistant director roles are fundamental to our future and, if successful, you will join a strategic leadership team with purpose and passion that works closely with the council, its workforce and partners locally, sub-regionally, pan-London, nationally and beyond. You will be working at the political interface on exciting programmes and projects, being an ambassador for the borough and providing strategic leadership; not just in your chosen field but across the whole organisation, as part of a strong corporate team.

You will recognise the value of collaboration, knowing that often the synergies that are created from working with others, within and beyond the council, can lead to improvements in outcomes for local people and places, not otherwise achievable. 

You will be a truly corporate leader and this will be reflected in your commitment to the success of the whole organisation. It will be apparent in everything you do, recognising that a focus on the people and places we serve, as well as your functions and services, are critical success factors for a director at this level.

However important the journey of change, getting the basics right is also critical for those we serve, so energy, resilience and the ability to cope with the ambiguity, as well as deliver the day-to-day, are key personal qualities for this role.   

Finally you will be aware of the impact you have; you will know what you are capable of and how you can develop further to be even more successful. Kingston Council is committed to developing its talent from within and if you join this new team, you will receive all the support you need to progress.

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